Crane visuals encourage minimal aesthetics on its interfaces to cause less cognition load in an immersive environment.




Information can be overwhelming, and it can get worse in XR. Using low-saturated color can help the user focusing on their work flow.


Interface in XR does not necessary to simulate all the visual details such as the texture as in physical world.


The layout of should be adaptive to volumetric environment to support more complicated use case such as co-presence scenario.

Future XR Environment

The Room

Traditional room and office would be the most common place where the user dives into their immersive experience once XR becomes a day-to-day tool. Bearing that in mind, when the user can see the digital content and physical world at the same time, it is important not to spam volumetric objects to increase the sense of messy and unorganized. 


When using the physical world as the base of immersive experience, digital content should avoid being placed where common obstacles such as table, bed, and chair usually located, so the user can proceed forward safely.