Oct 2019 -  Work in Progress
~30+ Days


Jido Inc
Human Interface Design
Visual Design

Butterbuy is an app that upgrades every customer's phone into a self-checkout lane.

Oct 2019 - May 2020
~260 Days

Jido Inc x IKEA Harajuku
Design Lead
A shopping experience powered by augmented reality. Design and build for IKEA flagship store in Harajuku, Japan.

Feb 2019 -  Work in Progress
~365+ Days

Project Crane

Master of Fine Arts, Thesis
Interaction Design
Infrastructure of a speculative full hand-tracking XR system. Inspired by Origami and door handles.

Ke Ding  |  “K”  |   in    
Interaction Desiger ♜ Conception and planning of the artificial.
Human Interfaces  /  Speculative Design  /  VR&AR  /  Video Game  /  Music Production  /