Monetizable Mask

Collaboration with alterR Studio

Speculative Design
While the world is entering a new phase, we imagine a post-pandemic world where a face mask, as an everyday wearable, is becoming a tool and a medium beyond a health precaution.

Monetizable Mask is one of the possible futures we are speculating, which looks into how we may advertise, generate income and also exploits individuals in the new world orders. 

You can play with the Monetizable Mask AR version with this instagram filter:

About RR News Series

RR News is a recently initiated series of exploratory projects as alterR Studio’s rapid response to current social circumstance caused by unexpected events.

The first issue of the RR News is a series of future news featuring possible mundane products, services and social phenomenons emerged in a post-pandemic world as preparation for the future.

We want to be relevant and reflective as designers while continuing our dreaming for the future. The motivation behind is to utilize the power of design to ease fear and anxiety caused by the sudden uncertainty, so that we can quickly adapt ourselves and march towards a preferred future collectively.

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Signage System, designed by Yangyifan Dong, RR News Series

The Mask

We wanted to discuss about what could possibly happened in a parallel universe, while the pendemic has become a persistant thing and mask evolved into an everyday carry. Motivated by profits, corporations and individuals starts to utilize and abuse the little canvas on everybody’s face. While there is a piece of canvas, there will be content on it. While there is content, the advertisement follows.

At the beginning of this exploration we reviewed advertisements during the great depression in 1930s. They are weird and absurd from today’s perspective, but makes sense in the context of depression. People who were desperate for jobs put their resume on a advertisement board and wore it on their body; Famous sugar water company marketed their product as energy drinks, so people can expect to be able to work harder with them so they don’t lose the job; Lipstick and luxury good had ironically amazing sales with the rise of consumerism. We believed these incidents would happen again in a new form when the next large cycle recession hits.

    “What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.”

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