IKEA Harajuku

Jido Inc x IKEA Harajuku
Design Lead
A shopping experience powered by augmented reality. Design and build for IKEA flagship store in Harajuku, Japan.
IKEA Harajuku can be downloaded at App Store Japan.
It can run on iPhone 6s and up, with iOS 11.3+
You can check the App Store page of IKEA Harajuku here:

Bridge the Real World and the Digital One

IKEA Tokyo uses Augmented Reality to recognize and annotate IKEA products in the newly opened IKEA Harajuku flagship store, creating a digital layer for the shopping experience.

A Digital Layer

With Jido’s object detection technology, the IKEA Harajuku app can label any IKEA furniture in the camera feed, helping the environment by reducing physical paper & plastic labels.

Why do we build it?

Customers are already using their phone to take picture in store.
Customers are already using their phone to take picture in store, mostly taking pictures of the pricetag since it contains most of the important information about a product (things like the names/price/article numbers, that a customer cannot tell just by looking at the appearance of a furniture).

We want to create an experience that, one can easily learn and browse what he/she is curious about, by simply raising the phone and looking at a piece of furniture.

We also found that, most of the customers in IKEA Japan are not just there for shopping furnitures. IKEA for them is more like a place to chill and enjoy life, like families hanging out together during the weekend and lovers going on a date. So when we design this App, we don’t want it to interrupt their ongoing activities. This app should be used as fast and easy as a magnifier - when they need it they can just pull it out from their pocket, and put it back as soon as they have done using it.

Some early sketches